Ch. Illusion N' GinJac Like Ice at Labyrinth JH
Pave' was named for the treacherous farm roads used in the spring Classic bike races in Belgium and France.  The roads are made of real cobblestones (Pave') which become "Like Ice" when wet.  Riders who can master the stones are revered in cycling lore.  Aptly named, Pave' is beautiful and challenging and proof that finesse and patience can be required with a Brittany!  Pave' is also a fierce cover dog and naturally retrieves to hand.

Pave' is owned by Karen Hanson
and co-owned by Abbie Hanson, Illusion Kennels

2010 National Specialty
1st 6-9 Sweepstakes Class
3rd 6-9 Puppy Class

Tidewater Brittany Club
4th Open Derby

Tarheel Brittany Club
4th Open Derby
4th Amateur Derby
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